Vodafone Play will stream 12 SD and HD discovery channels

12 HD and SD Discovery channels will be available on Vodafone Play for streaming.

The Discovery channels that the users will be able to stream include Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Discovery HD World, Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo, Discovery Kids, Investigation Discovery (ID), Animal Planet HD World, TLC HD World, Discovery Tamil and a sports channel DSPORT.


“Vodafone Play is a single window offering content across genres and languages and this association with Discovery strengthens our infotainment category. All consumers, including the Velvet Rope Generation, can now watch what they want, when they want and how they want,” said Dipankar Ghoshal, National Head – VAS, and Content, Vodafone India.

Motorola will open 6 MotoHub stores in Delhi and Mumbai.

Mobile companies preferring offline stores instead of online portals to sell their products.

After Xiaomi and OnePlus now Motorola is planning to sell their products through offline stores.


Motorola will open 6 offline stores in India. These stores will be opened in Delhi NCR and Mumbai. 3 stores will be opened in Delhi NCR and Mumbai respectively.

These stores will offer all products and accessories.


First MotoHub store was opened in The Great India Place in Noida.

Motorola has also launched a few offers to lure customers into buying smartphones from the MotoHub. The offers are as follows – there will be a 50 per cent discount on select Moto Mods till Sunday and discounts on certain smartphone accessories.


Motorola is not the first company that is preferring offline route to increase sales.

Chinese mobile company Xiaomi chose offline route to sell Redmi 4. Xiomi also opened its first offline retail store named as ‘Mi Home Store’ in Bengaluru.

Xiaomi is planning to open 100 such offline stores all over India.

Congress got Set back from Supreme Court. NOTA will be used in Rajya Sabha election in Gujarat.

Gujrat Rajya Sabha elections is becoming very important for both Congress and BJP.

Though this election is for 3 seats in Rajya Sabha where NDA is struggling to get majority but each day new developments in this elections.Till now Congress is getting setbacks each day.

NOTA will be used in Rajya Sabha Election on August 8 in Gujarat. Congress Party got setback form Supreme court.

Supreme court rebuked Congress for being so late in raising the issue.

Hearing the plea on Thursday, the three-judge bench of Justices Dipak Misra, Amitav Roy and A M Khanwilkar questioned the petitioner over the delay in raising the issue. “why are you so late in raising the question as EC issued notification in Jan 2014?,”

Gujrat Rajya Sabha election is going to be very crucial. Congress is leaving no stone unturned to secure one seat for Ahmad Patel. Ahmad Patel is very close to Gandhi family and he is political secretary of Sonia Gandhi.

BJP has fielded three candidates for this crucial election. The BJP fielded its president Amit Shah, Union Minister Smriti Irani and ex-Congress MLA Balwantsinh Rajput.

with PTI inputs

Jeep launched first Made in India Compass SUV with starting price Rs 14.95 Lakhs

Jeep launched first Made in India SUV in India at Fiat’s Ranjangaon plant.Three models in both Petrol and Diesel version launched in five colors. Price range is starting with Rs 14.95 Lakh. Top model price is Rs 20.95 lakh.

Jeep Compass model

Continue reading Jeep launched first Made in India Compass SUV with starting price Rs 14.95 Lakhs

Paper thrown at Sumitra Mahajan. Six Congress MPs suspended for indiscipline.

Taking a ‘strong’ disciplinary action against opposition members creating ruckus in the LokSabha,Speaker Sumitra Mahajan suspended 6 members of Congress Party.Sumitra Mahajan took this strong action when Congress members raised slogans in the Well of the House during Zero Hours.Congress members also tore and threw papers towards the speaker Sumitra Mahajan.

Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan suspended six Congress MPs, Gaurav Gogoi, Sushmita Dev, Ranjeet Ranjan, Adhir Choudhary, K Suresh and M K Raghavan for five days for disrupting the proceedings of the House.Congress members were demanding a discussion on mob lynching but this demand was rejected. Congress members were also angry on Bofors issue.

The 40 Page Dossier by Congress: How to disrupt Parliament

It seems congress MPs are following the dossier prepared by Research division of All India Congress Committee to disrupt the Parliament.Few days back a 40 page dossier prepared by Research division of All India Congress Committee was published on India Today. According to this dossier Congress wants to disrupt Parliament over mob lynching and other incidents of violence against Dalits and minorities.Senior Congress leader KV Thomas accepted with hesitation that this document was prepared by them and Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi was fully aware about this dossier. They defended the dossier saying that they have right to raise issues in Parliament.

MIT is developing Recipe Identification system that will read the picture of the food to name the recipe

Gone are the days when you must share the recipe of a food to your friends explaining how did you cook the delicious food.

Now just click the picture of the delicious food you cooked and neural network based system developed by MIT will tell the recipe reading the picture of the food.MIT’s CASIL is working on this project.

According to a news published on TechCrunch

MIT is developing pic2recipe System that will scan the picture of food and will tell the recipe.

This system is using an algorithm, Food-101 Data Set, built by Swiss scientists in 2014.Food-101 Data set is a food identifying algorithm.

The US castigated Pakistan again for being safe heaven for terrorists

As per The United States Pakistan is still the safe refuge for terrorists and Pakistan failed to take ‘substantial actions’ against the Afghan Taliban or HQN despite governments efforts. Pakistan was termed as an ‘an important counter terrorism partner in 2016’.

Pakistan is hub of various terrorists group like Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Jamaat‑ul‑Ahrar (JuA), the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), the Haqqani Network (HQN), Lashkar e-Tayyiba (LeT), and Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) and ). Islamic State’s Khorasan Province (ISIS-K).

These terror groups are targeting civilians, officials, and religious minorities not only in Pakistan and but also outside Pakistan.

“Violent extremist groups targeted civilians, officials, and religious minorities. Major terrorist groups focused on conducting terrorist attacks in Pakistan included the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Jamaat‑ul‑Ahrar (JuA), and the sectarian group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ).

Groups located in Pakistan, but focused on conducting attacks outside the country, included the Afghan Taliban, the Haqqani Network (HQN), Lashkar e-Tayyiba (LeT), and Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM)” the US State Department said in its annual “Country Reports on Terrorism”.

The report further says that National Action Plan against terrorism by Pakistan government is not successful.

According to report “Progress remained slow on regulating madrassas, blocking extremist messaging, empowering the National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA), cutting off terrorist financing, and strengthening the judicial system”

Signals from red dwarf star Ross 128 detected by Scientists

Scientists at University of Puerto Rico detected some peculiar signals from red dwarf star Ross 128 while conducting a scientific study about the radiation and magnetic environment around red dwarf stars. The signals consisted of broadband quasi-periodic non-polarized pulses with very strong dispersion-like features.

These signals were detected by Arecibo Observatory of the University on 12th May 2017 while studying red dwarf star with planets.

Still origin of the signals is doubtful and is the matter of further studies but three possible explanation is being provided regarding the origin of the source of signals.

According to Planetary Habitability Laboratory of University of Puerto Rico At Arecibo “We do not know the origin of these signals but there are three main possible explanations: they could be (1) emissions from Ross 128 similar to Type II solar flares, (2) emissions from another object in the field of view of Ross 128, or just (3) burst from a high orbit satellite since low orbit satellites are quick to move out of the field of view.”

“We believe that the signals are not local radio frequency interferences (RFI) since they are unique to Ross 128, and observations of other stars immediately before and after did not show anything similar,” says Abel Mendez, director of the Planetary Habitability Laboratory at the University of Puerto Rico.

Scientists at the PHL feels aliens can not be the cause of these signals.PHL is working with . SETI Berkeley with the Green Bank Telescope and SETI Institute’s ATA to get a final conclusion on this.

How exactly to Write a Literature Assessment to get a Research Paper

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NASA gives ultimate domination of the human race, and a strategy for potential warfare

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Is Earth Efforts Just Another Fraud or The Real Deal

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Begin Software – Application for Consultancies and Surveying – Tracker Mobile – Mobile Data Capture for Surveyors

A traditional FTP client is the most common option in most company, rather than automating the procedure. An FTP client makes it possible to share and exchange files through an FTP server, but is far from an efficient manner of achieving this. Continue reading Begin Software – Application for Consultancies and Surveying – Tracker Mobile – Mobile Data Capture for Surveyors

Why Do Asians Succeed in Institution

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NASA scientist claims certain proof of life that is extraterrestrial

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Nook snowfall and rainfall creationism vs.

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The Top Ten Most Important Experts in Genetics

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Price of Motherhood: US is the costliest country for women to give birth

According to a new survey conducted by the UK medical journal The Lancet,US is the most expensive place in the world for women to give birth.Australia is the second most expensive place for women to give birth.
Figures compiled by The Lancet show that the cost of a caesarean section is estimated at $15,500 in the US while it costs $10,000 in Australia.
The survey was conducted in 14 developed countries. The journal also said that mortality rate is low in these countries but health services are becoming costly.
Developed countries has taken many measures to reduce the high cost and to make it more affordable.According to The Lancet “Although mortality is generally low, the picture is far from perfect,” the journal said.
“In some settings, fear prevails among subsets of women and providers, driving increased and inappropriate intervention.”


Saurav Ganguly says Virat Kohli’s hunger to win and intensity is valuable for Indian Cricket

India can defeat New Zealand.New Zealand is much better team than Australia and England.Virat Kohli is raising the value of Indian Cricket

According to Saurav Ganguly New Zealand is a much better team than England and Australia.Former Indian Captain termed New Zealand is the second best team after England. Despite this India will have edge over New Zealand due to favourable home conditions. Ganguly feels defeating India is an uphill task.
“New Zealand are aware of the fact that it would be hard to beat India in India. But if you compare them with England and Australia, New Zealand would be second best side after England. The conditions will favour India,” Ganguly said on the sidelines of a promotional event in Kolkata.
Saurav Ganguly praised Indian captain Virat Kohli for his intensity and his hunger to win.Due to his hunger to win and intensity Virat Kohli rejuvenated Indian Cricket team.
“Kohli has done wonders for the country in a short span of time. He is someone who can raise the value of Indian cricket with his intensity and his hunger to win.”

Terming Kohli as one of his favourite captains at the present moment, Ganguly said: “If you want to ask him what brand he should endorse for the next 10 years, it’s the brand of his batting. That means I wish him to score lots of runs for India in the next 10 years. Hopefully he can continue to do that. He’s a terrific player.”

India will start it’s home season home season against New Zealand with three Tests beginning in Kanpur September 22 as they go onto play 13 Tests against Australia, England and Bangladesh.
The Virat Kohli-led side will play three Tests in Kanpur, Kolkata and Indore.

Cauvery Water Issue: Everyone needs water but no one wants River.

Karnataka and Tamil Nadu fighting for their Cauvery water. Millions of farmers in both states depends on the water of Cauvery for agriculture.
Image Wikipedia

Various parties,different organisations have organised a strike in Tamil Nadu on Friday to protest against attacks on Tamils and their property in Karnataka.
This strike caused problems for public as Majority of the shops, private schools, transport services like auto-rickshaws, private buses, fuel outlets did not function on Friday owing to the shutdown.
Top opposition leaders MK Stalin and Kanimozhi of the DMK, and MDMK’s Vaiko have ben taken arrested by the Police. Impact of the bandh is visible in the neighbouring state Puducherry.
MDMK Chief Vaiko has also been detained in Tiruchirappalli during protest.

Kaveri water dispute is a very old problem. Both states blame that they are not receiving their appropriate share of water. The problem started when Princely State of Mysore and Madras Presidency signed two agreements in 1892 and 1924. But both states very unhappy as they felt they are not receiving their due share of waters from the river due to biased treaty.
To sort out the issue The Government of India constituted a panel in 1990. After 16 years the tribunal delivered it’s order on 5 February 2007.
n its verdict, the tribunal allocated 419 TMC of water annually to Tamil Nadu and 270 TMC to Karnataka; 30 TMC of Kaveri river water to Kerala and 7 TMC to Puducherry. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu being the major shareholders, Karnataka was ordered to release 192 TMC of water to Tamil Nadu in a normal year from June to May.
Politically Kaveri water issue is a very sensitive issue in both states as millions of farmers in both states depends on water of Kaveri river for irrigation.
After independence Kerala and Puducherry also demanded their share of water from Cauvery.

Earth and other extraterrestrial objects share same level of chemical origins

According to a new study by scientists at Western University Earth and other planetary objects formed in the early years of the solar system share similar chemical origins. This study was published by scientific journal Nature. This is a path breaking study as it is challenges decade old theory accepted by scientists till now.
The study was done by cosmochemist Audrey Bouvier and french scientist Maud Boyet.
Both scientists found that there is same initial levels of Neodymium-142 (142Nd) in Earth and other extraterrestrial objects.

WhatsApp shares phone number and contact details with Facebook

WhatsApp said that they are not going to share any kind of content with Facebook as WhatsApp have no access to the content. WhatsApp only store user name,phone number and information regarding other users with whom they are in contact on it’s server. This information was provided to the Delhi high court by senior advocate Siddharth Luthra who is representing WhatsApp.
The bench of Chief Justice G Rohini and Justice Sangita Dhingra Sehgal directed WhatsApp to file an affidavit regarding this.

A PIL has been filed in Delhi High Court by Karmanya Singh Sareen and Shreya Sethi against the new policy of sharing data with Facebook.
Senior advocate Pratibha Singh, who was representing petitioners Karmanya Singh Sareen and Shreya Sethi argued that the new privacy policy issued by WhatsApp clearly stated that if a user chose to opt out of the sharing of information for Facebook ads and products, the information shared via WhatsApp could “still be used for other purposes”.

WahtsApp was acquired by Facebook in February 2016 for US $ 19 billion. In August 2016 WahtsApp changed it’s privacy policy. According to new privacy policy WahtsApp will share user’s account information with Facebook, consisting of the phone number of the account owner and aggregated analytical data.


India and Afghanistan signed extradition treaty

India and Afghanistan came together to show solidarity against terrorism. India and Afghanistan decided to end terrorism of all forms.
Without naming any country directly India and Afghanistan will work together to end sponsorship,support and sanctuaries of terrorism. India and Afghanistan both have accused Pakistan for providing support to terrorists.
Afghanistan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani is on a two-day visit and arrived in New Delhi on Wednesday.
India offered fresh $1 billion in aid to Afghanistan. This amount will be spent for capacity building in areas such as education,health,agriculture,energy and infrastructure.
Apart from this both countries also signed an extradition treaty.

India is investing heavily in Afghanistan due to it’s strategic location and to mount pressure on Pakistan.US also wants India to play a major role in Afghanistan.Recently US asked India to set up military aid to Afghan forces. India is providing military training to Afghan forces.
India provided four attack helicopters to the Afghan military in Dec. 2015.
India is playing a crucial role in the infrastructure development in Afghanistan.India built a landmark dam on on river Chist-e-Sharif in Herat province.The dam  will irrigate 75,0000 hectares and on river Chist-e-Sharif in western Herat.


Russia and China started joint naval exercise in disputed south china sea

This joint exercise by both nation is the signal of a deeper understanding between China and Russia.

China and Russia have begun their first naval exercises in South China Sea. Though Chinese media is claiming that the joint exercise is being carried out within China’s coastal waters.
This joint exercise by both nation is the signal of a deeper understanding between China and Russia.
The eight-day exercise has been named as Joint Sea-2016.

Russia supported China on South China Sea ruling on ‘legal basis’.Russian president said in G20 summit held in Hangzhou “as far as the Hague Arbitration Court and its rulings are concerned, we agree with and support China’s position to not recognise the court’s ruling.” He added: “And I’ll tell you why. It is not a political but a purely legal position. It is that any arbitration proceedings should be initiated by parties to a dispute while a court of arbitration should hear the arguments and positions of the parties to the dispute. As is known, China did not go the Hague Court of Arbitration and no one there listened to its position. So, how can these rulings be deemed fair? We support China’s position on the issue.”

According to Chinese navy the eight-day exercise includes “live-fire drills, sea crossing and island landing operations, and island defense and offense exercises by marine corps.
Aside from the marines, Chinese and Russian surface ships, submarines, planes, helicopters and amphibious armored equipment would be used, Liang said.

“Russia has sent some of its best vessels, including the Ropucha-class landing ship, and the Udaloy-class destroyer” to participate in the exercises, according to Chinese state-run broadcaster CCTV.
The 7,500-ton Udaloy-class destroyers are designed for anti-submarine warfare, while the 4,000-ton Ropucha-class landing ships are designed to carry up to 24 armored vehicles directly onto beaches.

[Image Credit Wikipedia]

Meghalya became the 17th state to ratify the GST Bill.

Meghalya became the 17th state to ratify the GST Bill.Meghalya is also the second Congress-ruled state to ratify the GST Bill. Meghalya Chief minister Mukul Sangma said that state will not loose revenue after
Meghalaya Assembly on Friday ratified the Goods and Services Constitution Amendment Bill.
Law Minister Roshan Warjri moved the government resolution for ratification of the bill.
As no one opposed it, Speaker A T Mondal declared that the House approved and adopted the government resolution for ratification of the Bill.
Earlier, Chief Minister Mukul Sangma who chaired the Cabinet meeting before the session told reporters, “There are indications that the state would not lose revenue after GST is introduced throughout the country.”