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The US castigated Pakistan again for being safe heaven for terrorists

As per The United States Pakistan is still the safe refuge for terrorists and Pakistan failed to take ‘substantial actions’ against the Afghan Taliban or HQN despite governments efforts. Pakistan was termed as an ‘an important counter [...]

India and Afghanistan signed extradition treaty

India and Afghanistan came together to show solidarity against terrorism. India and Afghanistan decided to end terrorism of all forms. Without naming any country directly India and Afghanistan will work together to end sponsorship,support and [...]

Russia and China started joint naval exercise in disputed south china sea

China and Russia have begun their first naval exercises in South China Sea. Though Chinese media is claiming that the joint exercise is being carried out within China’s coastal waters. This joint exercise by both nation is the signal [...]

North Korea celebrated founding anniversary with its fifth and largest nuclear test

Defying pressure from the U.S. and World community North Korea celebrated it’s 68th anniversary of the founding of North Korea in Kim Jong Un’s style by conducting a successful nuclear test.This is North Korea’s fifth and largest [...]

Arms Race Again? China Modernizing its Nuclear Force to Counter US, Russia and India

The Pentagon revealed that China was deploying new military and nuclear capabilities in the face of growing advances in US and Russia. India’s nuclear force is also a major reason behind China’s steps towards modernizing its nuclear force. In [...]

Donald Trump says London’s first Muslim Mayor will be allowed to enter the US despite his proposed ban on Muslims entering the US

Donald Trump indicated that he will not ban newly elected Muslim Mayor of London Mr Sadiq Khan and he will be an exception. Donald Trump proposed to ban Muslims entering the United States just after the deadly terrorist attack in Paris in November [...]

India cancels visa to Uyghur leader Dolkun Isa

India has cancelled a Visa granted to Chinese dissident Dolkun Isa. Dolkun Isa is a leader of World Uyghur Congress (WUC) and he lives in Germany. Chinese government consider him a terrorist and a red corner notice issued against him by Interpol. [...]

Turkish government captures all churches in Diyarbakir city and declares them state property

Turkish government ordered to seize six churches in southern city of Diyarbakir including a 1700 years old church. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan passed the order on March 25. Government said they wants to rebuild the restore the historical [...]

Yet another fatwa: Saudi Arabia cleric says Saudi Women driver should not be allowed to drive as driving would expose them to evil

According to Saudi Arabia’s chief cleric women should not be allowed to driving as this would expose them to evil. Chief cleric have another reason to support his bizzare claim. According to him women should not allowed driving as male relatives [...]

Third Straight win consolidated Donald Trump’s position for Republican Presidential Candidate

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump won in the Nevada caucuses with huge margin. With this victory Donald consolidated his position against his rivals. Donald Trump got 44.6% of votes and his rivals Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz got 23.8 [...]

War against ISIS:US airstrike killed 49 terrorists in Libya

American warplanes hit an ISIS camp in in the al-Qasser district in Libya and killed 49 terrorists .This camp was center of advanced training. This information was provided by White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. Dreaded terrorist Noureddine [...]

Thousands of rebels entered in Syria with the help of Turkey

According to a news report by Reuters, at least two thousand Syrian rebel fighters have entered in Azzaz city of Syria with the help of Turkey. Rebel fighters are equipped with all sort of weapons. “We have been allowed to move everything [...]
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Saudi Arabia is ready to deploy ground troops to war-torn Syria against ISIS

Saudi Arabia Defence ministry has proposed to send its army to Syria against ISIS if coalition agrees. Saudi Arabia’s military spokesman Brigadier General Ahmed al-Asiri during said this to al-Arabiya TV news during an interview. “The kingdom [...]

Iran will punish any country that will harm it’s national interest say Iran President Hassan Rouhani

According to a report published in Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran is not in the super power race in the region but Iran would punish any country trying to harm Iran’s national interests. He did not mention any country. “If [...]

Bangladesh summons Pakistani’s high commissioner for detaining Bangladeshi official

Diplomatic ties are worsening between Pakistan and Bangladesh. Bangladesh detained an official of the Pakistan High Commission due to his “suspicious movement” few days back. Pakistan reciprocated by detaining Bangladeshi official in Pakistan [...]

Cyber Threat: Severe cyber-attack on Israel’s Electricity Authority by unidentified hackers. Virus identified and thwarted.

Israel’s Electricity Authority had been attacked by unidentified hackers in a “severe cyber-attack” by unidentified hackers. This has been revealed by National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources Minister of Isreal Yuval Steinitz [...]

Malaysian PM says Safety of nation is important than civil liberties.

“There are no civil liberties under Daesh. The best way to uphold civil liberties is to ensure the safety of the nation.” – Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said his country’s new anti-terrorism [...]

Pakistan’s Supreme court allowed hunting of rare houbara bustard bird famous for its aphrodisiacal meat to please wealthy Gulf States.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan lifted a ban on the hunting of endangered houbara bustard on the basis of the economic backwardness of the area where these migratory species land.Pakistan government requested the court to lift the ban as houbara [...]

Authorities forcibly shaved 13,000 men’s beards, banned Islamic headwear in Tajikistan to curb Islamic radicalism

Tajikistan, a Muslim-majority country, started a campaign to stop Islamic radicalization and promote secularism in the country. Authorities forcibly shaved nearly 13,000 men’s beards and closed 60 shops that were selling Muslim clothing. [...]

Shocking: Muslim cleric says ‘half naked girls’ are responsible for Cologne sexual assault in Germany

A Muslim cleric has blamed victims for cologne sexual assault since they were half naked and wearing perfume. This shocking claims made by Sami Abu-Yusuf of the Salafist Cologne mosque. On New Year’s Eve mobs of refugees sexually molested [...]

Iran says Saudi Arabia has turned into a defense shield for the Zionists.

Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari said that Isreal and Saudi Arabia are working together against Iran. According to a news report by Fars News Agency Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari accused Saudi [...]

Terror attack on University in Pakistan.15 Killed.50 Injured

There is a terror attack on Bacha khan University university in northwest Pakistan on Wednesday morning by unidentified Islamic terrorists. Bacha Khan Univeristy is situated in Charsadda district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan. Key [...]

Could the BRICS New Development Bank usher a New Bipolar Financial World Order?

With the emergence of the New Development Bank, formerly known as the BRICS Development Bank, and the AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank), the world is increasingly becoming Bipolar, with China and India together growing as the ‘Eastern [...]
Deepening Indo-Lankan Ties

Modi Deepens Ties with Sri Lanka, Seeks Edge over China on a Landmark Visit

As part of PM Narendra Modi’s first tour to Sri Lanka, India and Sri Lanka today signed four bilateral pacts which includes agreement on visa and customs to simplify trade and reduce non-tarriff barriers, agreement on youth development and [...]

Vashudhaiv Kutumbkam – Why concept of countries is irrelevant today ?

The building of nations was a step in the “evolution “of both humanity and social structures. It germed out of the formation of small settlements and as the population grew the competition for land became more and more fierce. The world [...]

Chinese dragons in the sea: China’s marine encirclement of India

Does Confucianism hold as much sway in China today as it did during the rule of the Ming Dynasty? A massive Chinese armada commandeered by the navigator Zheng Le embarked on a seven-voyage maritime adventure from 1405-1433. His inimitable feat [...]

Intricacies of PRISM – Why the American NSA Surveillance Regime is a Threat to the World?

“No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honor and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.” [...]

How Syria crisis will impact India and the World

Russia called on Syria to hand over its chemical weapons arsenal to international authorities as prelude to the arsenal’s destruction. The Syrian foreign minister immediately “welcomed” the demand. The turn in Russian pomposity [...]

Life time ban on Pervez Musharraf’s political career by Pakistan high court

Peshawar High Court (PHC) has dismissed Pervez Musharraf’s appeal and has banned for lifetime from contesting a National Assembly, provincial assembly and Senate election by the Peshawar High Court (PHC). A four member bench headed by PHC [...]

Same-sex marriage is legal in New Zealand

New Zealand’s Parliament have passed gay-marriage bill on Wednesday night. With this same-sex marriage has been legalised in New Zealand. New Zealand is the 13th where same-sex marriage is legal. The law will take effect in late August. Others [...]