Turkish government captures all churches in Diyarbakir city and declares them state property

Turkish government ordered to seize six churches in southern city of Diyarbakir including a 1700 years old church. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan passed the order on March 25.

Government said they wants to rebuild the restore the historical buildings that have been destroyed in war between government forces and Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK).

Christians are angry on this decision and thinking to take legal action against this unconstitutional action.

Ahmet Guvener, pastor of Diyarbakir Protestant Church, said: “The government didn’t take over these pieces of property in order to protect them. They did so to acquire them.”

In a statement the group said: “Among the expropriated plots, there are structures belonging to public institutions … and places of worship and residences considered as historical and cultural heritage.

“This decision, which seems to be made by the request of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning without any reason or justification, is unacceptable within the limits of constitutional order.”

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