Congress tried to ‘influence’ Supreme court as per former law minister HR Bhardwaj

Former law minister and old Gandhi family loyalist H.R.bhardwaj said that Congrees asked him to get ‘favourable’ decision from Supreme court of India regarding imposing President rule in Bihar 2005.

Lalu Yadav admitted later that the imposition of President’s rule by dissolving the newly-elected Bihar assembly in February 2005 was a mistake.

What did Bhardwaj say ?

“When President’s rule was imposed (in Bihar in 2005), the Supreme Court took upfront to this and many eminent lawyers argued in the matter. My three Cabinet colleagues came to me and said you are out now, you were lucky that you survived so long. I said no problem, it is the Rashtrapati who has approved the promulgation of President`s rule.

I took that stand. Then I thought why can`t I see Sabharwal. I had access to his house, we had coffee and discussion but I could not muster the courage to tell him to help me” HR Bhardwaj.

Who is HR Bhardwaj ?

HR Bhardwaj is an old Gandhi family loyalist and second longest serving Law minister after Ashoke Kumar Sen.He was governor for Kerala and Karnatka in past.

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