Why Facebook mobile is important for social media giant strategy


Recent advancements in mobile arena have created a lot of opportunities. Android is the example how Google created its places in this realm. No one wants to be left behind in mobile arena. Like erstwhile browser war, Operating system war now many similar wars can be seen in Mobile arena like Apple-Samsung war.

Google and Microsoft cold war is also given rise to a new trend in Mobile domain.

Social Media King Facebook is also aware of this and making efforts in this direction desperately. Mobile is so important for Facebook future strategy that recently Facebook’s turns offs its  website internally so that Facebook’s employee can use it on mobile.

Basic intention is surely to test Facebook on mobile from layman user’s perspective.This has been revealed by Facebook product manager Josh Williams at SXSW.

Surely Mobile war is going to shape up Social Media also. Keeping Face book’s proximity with Microsoft is going to make this war exciting. Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, Mobile photo sharing site is also a move in this direction.

Tip: URL to open Facebook on mobile is m.facebook.com. You can login face book using this URL.

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