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Congress lost Arunachal Pradesh: The SC approved new government formation

The Supreme Court of India today paved the way for a new government in the Arunachal Pradesh.

The Supreme Court today vacated its earlier order staying the revocation of President’s rule in Arunachal Pradesh.

The Supreme Court upheld the verdict given by the Gauhati high Court reading the disqualification of 14 Congress MLAs. This is a major setback for the Congress Party who was fighting the case against NDA government.

The Supreme Court said “Prima facie we are convinced that the MLAs were disqualified without being served notice,”

The Apex Court has rejected all arguments provided by Congress representative Kapil Sibal and FS Nariman.

Election 2014 – Why Narendra Modi is a real leader ?

If the upcoming Lok Sabha election in 2014 witnesses a shift of power, then there is an inevitable situation of Modi being in the supremacy.

The elections in 2014 are anticipated almost like how we anticipated Harry Potter series one after another just hoping in each book, Lord Voldemort would be destroyed. Right now we are hoping the ills of our country to be destroyed.

The hypocrite politicians play mind games with their voters like a lover ready to quit the relationship. But the power of the media is such, that even naive villagers know that they are facing the consequences of several levels of manipulation, several levels of immorality and corruption.

We certainly need a statesman who would work relentlessly for the next step, next expansion, and next generation. Who always has a next step in mind! Popularity is no degree to graduate in the election. We have matured as a nation and identify with truth that politicians are not meant to be treated like Gods. They are meant to be treated as equals with an influence and authority to serve the nation to suit the common man’s necessities. It is always the effort that matters to common people. Someone reigns, but someone else’s labors are appreciated.

Who is a real leader? A leader is fearless with zero nonsense tolerance. He walks straight with a mind of his own. His charisma engages the media worldwide. Other field giants are in awe with him. He has the sorcerers’ talent to transform a fall into a rise. Most importantly, he is attached to the soil of the nation like music to musicians, like mother to son. What else you want in a politician? A leader? A Prime Minister? It is for you judge who has the resonance to withhold the head of our nation high enough for now we have to aim higher and globally shine.

Larger-than-life politicians have larger-than-life strengths and larger-than-life weaknesses. Politicians don’t like to couter objectionable realities. But times have changed; we as a country now seek politicians to man up to their acts and consequences. We seek a rational approach to running the country. We seek accountability. We seek abolition of bogus promises. We seek reality. We want to know the reality better, however bitter.

Suddenly, everyone is bothered that a main opposition party names Hindu Ideologue as candidate for Prime Minister if it wins 2014. Aren’t we a Hindu mainstream nation? The regard for religion adds upon their character. I agree that rigid beliefs trouble the reverence for secularism. Mr Modi said at a rally of ex-serviceman in Haryana that politicians should learn a lesson in secularism from the Indian armed forces. If one is following his religion, it does not mean he is disregarding secularism.
I really do not believe he is a polarized figure, although he is positively attracting negativities. I choose to think that there is another Iron Man of India in the offing, waiting to be acknowledged. Definitely, he is required to influence more people including women where his fan following is rather less.

I really do not like to take sides but I can’t help myself from counting particulars Modi has time-honored. With focused governance, market loving policies and enviable urban infrastructure, Modi allures all those who want their state to possess flourishing growth rates, for that matter every Indian who sees a flamboyant future for India. Modi’s work profile speaks volumes about his credibility, obviously every politician has a stained reputation somewhere in their past. But as said, let bygones be bygones, we have held enough grudges, and where has it led the nation? Here!

Although the Aam Aadmi Party has gained some commendable popularity well enough considering the fact that it is a newer party. If the upcoming Lok Sabha election in 2014 witnesses a shift of power, then there is an inevitable situation of Modi being in the supremacy. But better let our countrymen decide. Encourage every youth in your neighborhood to get an election card and vote for their choice. And women, know the Power of 49!

How Muzzafarnagar Riots will change dynamics of Politics in UP and India?

The Ram Janambhoomi- Babri Masjid churn did not affect loyalty of Jats to RLD, but now there seem to be cracks developing in their loyalty.

The recent communal tension in Muzaffarnagar, which shook the nation after a clash between two communities, clamped down after government took strict actions, imposed curfew and brought in additional force to control the riots. However many lives have been lost, 31 according to official records. Though, locals believe the numbers to be much more. Many youths are still missing and it is unclear if they have fled the region to safer places or if they have been killed in the riots.

According to sources, Muslim youth from Kawal village were harassing school going girls from nearby Malik Pura Village on a regular basis. Gaurav Malik (17) was returning back from school with his sisters. He protested when Muslim youth were passing lewd comments to his sisters. This argument led to the killing of Sahanawaj (21) by Gaurav Malik and his cousin Sachin Malik. In response to the incident, villagers of Kawal killed Gaurav and Sachin brutally. They were lynched and their faces were crushed with stones and bricks.

Police arrested 7 people in this brutal and savage murder. Later on they were freed due to political pressure from Samajwadi Party.

Jat community  was angry with this appeasement policy and organized ‘Mahila Bachao Mahapanchayat’ (Save Sisters and Daughter in Law MahaPanchayat). There was no violence in the MahaPanchayat.

When unarmed people were returning from the Mahapanchayat, Muslim mob with sharp weapons and guns suddenly attacked them in a well planned and organized manner near the Nahar. Dead bodies were thrown into the canal and their tractors were also thrown into the Canal. This shocking incident triggered the course of communal violence which led to mass bloodshed in Muzzafarnagar.

As the calm is restored and people are slowly recovering from the riots there are many political implications which have emerged due to these riots. The Jats and Muslims are numerically dominant and socially influential communities in UP. Their voting preferences are also very clear. Muslims being a strong vote bank for Samajwadi Government and Jats being loyal to Ajit Singh’s Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD).

This incident is going to affect Indian politics in long term. Not only 2014 elections will be affected by this but it will have cascading impact on Indian Politics.

Now after the riots many jats seem to have switched loyalties and now prefer BJP.The Ram Janambhoomi- Babri Masjid churn did not affect loyalty of Jats to RLD, but now there seem to be cracks developing in their loyalty. Many of these people have now started regarding Modi as their ‘Saviour’.

Needless to say that these developments will have a huge impact on the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.While RLD may be losing its vote bank, SP may not be losing all of its votebank , although Muslims have blamed Akhilesh Yadav for not protecting them.

BSP and Congress have accused SP and BJP of having a fixed match, since polarization would be beneficial to both of them. Though their charges have not yet been proven to be true. However, if that happens there maybe clash between these two parties, with SP being pro-minority and BJP supporting Hindutva.

Hindus who have become insecure because of the communal tension will support BJP, in that case if Jats also chose to support BJP their vote bank will increase manifold. As of now Modi’s popularity is increasing and now that there is official announcement of Modi being the official BJP’s PM candidate for the 2014 elections, things seem to be going in BJP’s favour, at least in  UP.

People switching loyalties from one party to another party shows that they hope for peace and security and hence are drawn to party which assures them of providing such atmosphere- but in reality will their hopes ever get satisfied? Or will politicians as always use votes of these people only to secure seats?

The urban population by now is well acquainted with this mentality of politicians but the rural people are still ignorant and the politicians are taking advantage of their ignorance. The problem can resolved only if  people are educated and taught to think over the situation and avoid being used only as ‘votebanks’, but rather as responsible citizens of the nation.