Congress lost Arunachal Pradesh: The SC approved new government formation

The Supreme Court of India today paved the way for a new government in the Arunachal Pradesh. The Supreme Court today vacated its earlier order staying the revocation of President’s rule in Arunachal Pradesh. The Supreme Court upheld the verdict [...]

Election 2014 – Why Narendra Modi is a real leader ?

The elections in 2014 are anticipated almost like how we anticipated Harry Potter series one after another just hoping in each book, Lord Voldemort would be destroyed. Right now we are hoping the ills of our country to be destroyed. The hypocrite [...]

How Muzzafarnagar Riots will change dynamics of Politics in UP and India?

The recent communal tension in Muzaffarnagar, which shook the nation after a clash between two communities, clamped down after government took strict actions, imposed curfew and brought in additional force to control the riots. However many [...]