Yet another setback for Congress. The High court ordered to demolish Adarsh building.

It seems nothing is working in favour of the Congress Party. The Bombay High court ordered to demolish the Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society building. The High Court has also ordered to investigate the role of Politicians and officers in this [...]

Congress tried to ‘influence’ Supreme court as per former law minister HR Bhardwaj

Former law minister and old Gandhi family loyalist H.R.bhardwaj said that Congrees asked him to get ‘favourable’ decision from Supreme court of India regarding imposing President rule in Bihar 2005. Lalu Yadav admitted later that the imposition [...]

Election 2014 – Why Narendra Modi is a real leader ?

The elections in 2014 are anticipated almost like how we anticipated Harry Potter series one after another just hoping in each book, Lord Voldemort would be destroyed. Right now we are hoping the ills of our country to be destroyed. The hypocrite [...]