Facebook Home : Facebook uses Google against Google

Facebook unveiled its much awaited and hyped phone – Facebook Home, today. Facebook Home is simply a ‘Facebook Experience’ on Mobile (read Android). Facebook just added a layer on Google’s Android Mobile OS.     It is a stack [...]

Home on android : Facebook powered mobile with HTC will be launched on April 4,2013

Facebook is launching its own phone on Thursday (April4,2013). Compnay has organized an event called “Come See Our New Home on Android ” at  Menlo Park HQ in  California.It is rumored that Facebook is launching the phone with HTC. Regarding [...]

Why Facebook mobile is important for social media giant strategy

Recent advancements in mobile arena have created a lot of opportunities. Android is the example how Google created its places in this realm. No one wants to be left behind in mobile arena. Like erstwhile browser war, Operating system war now [...]