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Authorities forcibly shaved 13,000 men’s beards, banned Islamic headwear in Tajikistan to curb Islamic radicalism

Tajikistan took bold step to curb Islamic radicalization. Authorities forcibly shaved 13,000 men’s beards.

Tajikistan, a Muslim-majority country, started a campaign to stop Islamic radicalization and promote secularism in the country. Authorities forcibly shaved nearly 13,000 men’s beards and closed 60 shops that were selling Muslim clothing. This has been reported by Al Jazeera.

As per some reports more than 2,000 Tajiks are fighting in Syria. Tajikistan shares its border with Afghanistan. Tajikistan’s secular leadership has long sought to prevent radical traditions from neighboring Afghanistan from contaminating its country.

Bahrom Sharifzoda, police chief in the province of Khatlon, held a press conference on Tuesday to declare the campaign’s successes during 2015.

More than 150 shops selling hijab were also shut down, 89 hijab-wearing prostitutes arrested and 1,773 women and girls “convinced” that they should not wear Islamic headwear considered alien to the country, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty said.

Women and girls ordered to stop wearing headscarves.

Tajikistan is a secular state but in 2009 Sunni Islam of the Hanafi school has been officially recognized by the government. 98% population is follows Islam in Tajikistan.

Government has already banned Muslim organization named Hizb ut-Tahrir. Hizb ut-Tahrir advocates unification of Tajiks under one Islamic state.