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North Korea celebrated founding anniversary with its fifth and largest nuclear test

Defying pressure from the U.S. and World community North Korea celebrated it’s 68th anniversary of the founding of North Korea in Kim Jong Un’s style by conducting a successful nuclear test.This is North Korea’s fifth and largest ever nuclear test. North Korea State Media confirmed that North Korea conducted a test explosion of a nuclear warhead at its Punggye-ri nuclear test site.
“This nuclear warhead explosion test is part of responsive measures to threats and sanctions from the U.S. and enemies denying our strategic position as a nuclear state,” The KCNA announcer said during the broadcast.
KCNA is North Korea state television.
According to the state media after this successful nuclear test North Korea is capable to produce nuclear-tipped missiles “at will”.
This nuclear test alarmed the neighbouring countries like Japan and South Korea.Japan has termed the test as “grave threat” .
South Korean Prime Minister Hwang Gyo-ahn says South Korea will call for additional and stronger U.N. sanctions against North Korea.
“We are facing a grave situation which is totally different from the past when North Korea conducted nuclear tests once in three years. North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats are clear and existential,” said Hwang.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the test was “not acceptable.” “If North Korea did conduct a nuclear test, it is absolutely not acceptable, and we must lodge a strong protest,” Abe told reporters.
China has also criticised the nuclear test by North Korea. South Korea termed this act as “fanatic recklessness”.
Japan and China have begun testing the air for radiation.
This is the second nuclear test by North Korea in this year.
Earlier U.S. Geological Survey,European agencies and The China Earthquake Networks Center detected a magnitude 5.3 earthquake near North Korea’s nuclear test site.