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SFI leader says Left and Congress is playing with student’s future in Rohith Vemulla

According to a news report published in Times of India,Raju Kumar Sahu,General Secretary of SFI, is not happy the way congress and left is using students to achieve their political goal.

Sahu is also worried that due to the ‘opportunistic’ political games of Congress and Left parties students’ future seems to be in dark as it this episode is affecting their placements as students are not able to focus on their studies.

This is this reason Raju Kumar Sahu has decided to resign from SFI. Raju Kumar Sahu was the general secretary of the SFI.

SFI is the student wing of the CPI(M). Sahu has leveled serious allegations on SFI and Congress both.

Sahu alleged that the movement is funded by the Congress, Left and other opportunistic forces.

The TOI quoted from Sahu’s letter: “My loneliness and alienation are affecting my studies and also apparently driving me towards the unfortunate path undertaken by Rohith. I think coming into the open and getting distanced from the wrong way would save me from the doom (sic).”

Sahu added that the real losers in the entire ‘game’ are the common students who have suffered in terms of placements.