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Chennai Express and Madras café – Bollywood journey from entertainment to real cinema

Chennai Express and Madras café – Bollywood journey from entertainment to real cinema

Indian Bollywood has been almost like a train journey, with each boogie having different panels of surprises just like the different kinds of movies it has come up with. Almost every single movie has delivered something different and showcased different genres.

With the 100th year on a roll, the Indian cinema has majored films on almost all forte. Be it comedy, romance, action, drama, horror anything, Bollywood has gone through all possible roads to travel to zenith and this is the mark of successful tenure of our cinema world.

With so many movies hitting the silver screen every Friday, it has raised a sort of much identified question that has come to almost everyone’s mind- What are Bollywood movies heading towards?

A distinguished experience that has transformed the approach of Bollywood towards cinema and has earmarked a new high point to reach for it, is a roller coaster experience of comedy and action that pinches you every minute to bring out your laugher. It has the powerful combination of the Badshah along with the Thailava of the Bollywood. The Golmaal man who has set a new benchmark with the highest revenue earner of Bollywood, Chennai Express, is the take of the day.

In 2013, and we got to see two different movies from different ventures of life. One was Chennai Express, made with no logic or rationality, but just for the purpose of entertaining people and making them laugh out louder. The purpose had been fulfilled and is evident from the whooping 202 crore turnover it breached within a few weeks. The movie is a full time relaxation, every punch in the dialogue will tickle your belly to laugh, and obviously you have got some beautiful songs too to refresh your mind like the “Titli”song. Some super action scenes, such as cars jumping and turning around, with the villain-hero doing some Bollywood style dhishum-dhishum, are a trademark of a typical Rohit Shetty movie. It is a pure masala movie but made solely with the purpose of making people laugh and giggle.

The other one being a simple yet rustic movie was Madras Café.  Mr. Shoojit Sircar has done a work that has required guts to do. Bollywood has never gone so far to acclaim such a zenith that Madras Café has reached to. After watching the movie one can surely say that it is a rasping and calculus experience to go through it. It is definitely a movie that has picture- perfected Bollywood with its new genre and audiences who has critically acclaimed it too.
With the backdrop of Sri Lankan civil war and the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, the film is an espionage thriller. It is a sure shot bravery done by Mr. Sircar with no song, no melodrama and a serious tone that he took.  The major applaud that is bestowed to the film is that it is slightly apart from the normal genre. Rightly reviewed that it is a slow one, with mostly showing action and fighting, which might be boring to some, but all in all, if watched with a little attention, the movie is a spectacular presentation of the real-life incident and perfectly cinematographed. To sum up, it is a film of power and eloquence. Madras cafe has effectively portrayed the ravages of war. It is a movie that has the amalgamation of ambition and bravery.