Crony wealth is just 3% of GDP in Modi raj while it was 18% in UPA regime.

According to The Economist’s index of crony capitalism study there is sharp decline in Crony capitalism in India. Crony capitalism was 18 percent of GDP in 2008 but currently it is just 3% of GDP. “Encouragingly, India seems to be cleaning [...]

No Personal glorification please: Modi declines to accept honorary LLD from BHU

Contrary to previous trends Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declined to receive an honorary doctorate from Banaras Hindu University. Modi is not in favour of personal glorification and in past he declined such offers in past also. BHU, in [...]
Deepening Indo-Lankan Ties

Modi Deepens Ties with Sri Lanka, Seeks Edge over China on a Landmark Visit

As part of PM Narendra Modi’s first tour to Sri Lanka, India and Sri Lanka today signed four bilateral pacts which includes agreement on visa and customs to simplify trade and reduce non-tarriff barriers, agreement on youth development and [...]