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Motorola will open 6 MotoHub stores in Delhi and Mumbai.

Mobile companies preferring offline stores instead of online portals to sell their products.

After Xiaomi and OnePlus now Motorola is planning to sell their products through offline stores.


Motorola will open 6 offline stores in India. These stores will be opened in Delhi NCR and Mumbai. 3 stores will be opened in Delhi NCR and Mumbai respectively.

These stores will offer all products and accessories.


First MotoHub store was opened in The Great India Place in Noida.

Motorola has also launched a few offers to lure customers into buying smartphones from the MotoHub. The offers are as follows – there will be a 50 per cent discount on select Moto Mods till Sunday and discounts on certain smartphone accessories.


Motorola is not the first company that is preferring offline route to increase sales.

Chinese mobile company Xiaomi chose offline route to sell Redmi 4. Xiomi also opened its first offline retail store named as ‘Mi Home Store’ in Bengaluru.

Xiaomi is planning to open 100 such offline stores all over India.

Researchers developed a Palm sized Magnetic tape that can store 330 TB data

IBM and Sony jointly developed a palm-sized magnetic cartridge that can store 330 terabytes of data.

Do you have a habit to capture all the precious moments of life but have to think twice before capturing those moments as storage of those pictures is the cause of concern for you?

Many people have to kill their desire as their hard disk is already full of millions of pictures and movies.

There is no need to worry anymore as Researchers at IBM and Sony are very close to solve this problem.

In a path breaking invention IBM and Sony jointly developed a palm-sized magnetic cartridge that can store 330 terabytes of data.

This cartridge can store 201 gigabits data per square inch. This is a ground-breaking development.

This tape can store 330 million of books. Keeping this fact in mind this is a remarkable achievement. Currently World’s largest hard drive can store only 60TB data.

Sony developed a new kind of tape using ‘sputter deposition’ technique. This new tape is named as “sputtered magnetic tape”.

This invention will solve the problem of storage. In the internet of things era data is being generated exponentially while storage technology is not growing accordingly. This is a shot in the arm for Cloud and Big data arena.