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USFDA lowers age limit to 15 from 17 to buy morning after pill after court’s ruling

USFDA lowers age limit to 15 from 17 to buy morning after pill after court’s ruling

The US Food and Drug Administration lowered the age to buy morning-after pill from 17 years to 15 years without prescription.

Currently Plan B One-Step is sold to customers who are 17 or older and they have to prove their age to buy emergency contraceptive pills. With this decision now 15 years old customers can buy the morning after pill. But customers must prove their age at the cash register.

This decision came after a US court questioned Obama government

for imposing the age-17 limit and asked government to explain why women of any age cannot obtain the emergency contraception

in time. The Court ordered an end to all age restrictions by Monday, for Plan B and its generic versions.

The FDA has denied that its decision is influenced by court’s ruling.

Lowering the age limit “may reduce delays for some young women but it does nothing to address the significant barriers that far too many women of all ages will still find if they arrive at the drugstore without identification,” said Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights.

In most of US states driving license is issued at age 16 and to buy the morning after pill it is mandatory to provide proof of age. So still the customers of age 15 will find impossible to buy the drug from drugs store.

The women group is happy on the decision but wants to continue to fight for more improvements.

Social conservatives had opposed any efforts to loosen restrictions on sale of the morning-after pill, arguing that it was important for parents and medical professionals to be involved in such decisions involving young girls.